The burden of the life of modern escorts is no shows and last minute cancellations. As am am a high rated vip escort in katraj, I am quite confident that 95% of people who are on their way to an escort are more likely to be in an auto accident or even that grandparents die. The five steps I take to avoid shows and cancellations at the last minute was to prevent our clients’ grandparents out of the hospital.

1. Never Assume

I used to make this the number one mistake that would lead to no shows. NEVER think that the client needs to make a reservation. When you have negotiated a date, make sure you DOUBLE CHECK whether the client wants to continue, “Would you want me to make this reservation for you? You will find that customers often hold back if they are not serious at this point. You would have had a final cancellation or no show if you did not double-check. This is such a simple but vital move that makes a difference.

2. Take Deposit

If deposits suit you and your business, they are an excellent method for preventing cancellations and no shows. And, at the very least, a deposit lessens the sting of cancellation when it does happen. After you have double-checked the booking length, day, time, and location with the client (and never assume!), this is your window to ask for a deposit.

3. Confirm

The client’s duration, day, time, and place were double-checked and a deposit was secured. Now you must tell the customer when you are going to follow up and confirm the reservation. For the customer to show my address (or check their hotel room number), I will call them during the morning of the reservation.
Many manuals require the consumer to check the day. Rather than waiting for them to email me, I prefer to check first, because I am in charge. Don’t leave it in the open anyway. Be clear as to who will confirm and at what time, what you expect.

4. 30-Minute Rule

I will only give the client my suburb if I make a reservation on the same day and have no deposit or if I feel that the client is particularly flakey. I will then ask the customer to write to me 30 minutes before my account reservation date.
30 minutes is the best time for me to practice (I’m at home, I guess, and my workroom is set up). And I don’t just continue to get ready because I don’t know about them at the 30-minute mark. Change the time it takes you to get ready as long as you want.

5. Landmarks

Similar to just the building number, the client may be led to a neighboring corner or a memorial rather than the apartment number. Ask the customer to call and ask them to explain something about the area ( i.e. the house color or the shop name) after they have arrived.
This procedure confirms that you are in the place before you direct it verbally to your house or building. With each reservation, I don’t use each of these steps. I go for my intolerance, I pick and chose steps that I hope and a person can view better. I have been dealing with that for many years. You must discover what fits best for you and your client by trial and error.

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