It was in my Twitter DMs, my comments on Instagram, and it’s in my inbox for emails, This question I’ve been asked a lot. But I want to inform you now that my pre-booking schedule is nothing unique.
I’d take hours to prepare when I started as vip hinjewadi call girl. I’d be watching a TV show or film before my shift to get me in the correct area. I’d gently apply my makeup and complete the look with fake eyelashes and red lipstick while playing music to spice up. To ensure that there was no hair out of place, no patch of the dry skin, I would shave and wax and pluck and moisturize.

My prep these days is much riskier. In a couple of minutes, I can get my incall ready. And I have realized that with my personality, I make more money than with the legs shaved perfectly. In the beginning, I think many of my routines were about getting into the right mood, transforming into my female workplace guy. Nowadays, the tapping of my fingertips seems to me to move.

6 PM

My reservation is an hour away. I got home from a long day college and I’m TIRED. I think about canceling, but then I say I must toughen. This is an hour – I have that. My bathroom is filled with a washing tub, zero pet hair on the furniture, minimal lighting, aircraft on, I guess we are ready to go. I easily enjoy a muesli bar while doing a single work area – the bed is made, cupboard and lube are on my bedside table, a bottle of water on my other hand, new towels, and toiletries in the shower.

6:15 PM

Using micellar water I remove my make-up, then hop into the tub and quickly wash my face and my body. So I rarely need to shave it. I hydrate my face and body out of the shower and use deodorant. In my corners of eyes and on my cheekbones, I always keep my make- up simple: moisturizer in colors, mascara, blush, a small highlight, lip gloss tinted.

6:30 PM

I take my hair out of the disgusting yet real checkers with my make-up and spray my roots with dry shampoo. I should have washed my hair new in a perfect setting, but this is the real world, so I have little time. The dry shampoo works and I use my Dyson Airwrap smoothing brush to smooth my hair’s twinkling. This seems natural, so I hope I can get away with it with dim lighting.

6:45 PM

I choose an easy lingerie set – a thong and a bra – and put a black shaped dress across the top. I still reply to the door in a complete incall outfit – I do not know why, but for the first time I feel odd meeting someone without my underwear! we put on patent black stilettos, earrings, and my watch (I ‘m lost in my phone booking). I make a fast perfume splash, and I’m ready to go. I check my phone and wait until my customer receives a text.
It’s so simple, seriously. And that’s the lovely representation. I have less than an hour to prepare more often than not, and I eat a snack in my shower and scrub my make-up. My point is, you don’t need a sophisticated hairstyle and complex lingerie packs for money as supporting tools use 87 separate belts. I love to keep it straightforward so I have more time and money.

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